(MUST READ) #KOSOFEDECIDES: Please Kindly Help Us In Kosofe Constituency 1

We have petitioned the state INEC informing them of the serious irregularities in some Polling units in ifako gbagada. These irregularities have brought about the 87 vote margin between Moyo Ogunlewe and his opponent. 

Wrong ballot papers were used in casting votes in ifako gbagada. In a particular unit, almost 70 ballot papers were from amuwo odofin and INEC officials decided to continue using them because they felt it would disenfranchise the voters who had gone home. This was done and no incident form was filled.

We have rejected this and we have called for a full investigation into the ballot papers used in all of Ifako gbagada (PDP ward B)

At the moment we are behind with 87 votes amidst all irregularities and possible foul play.

We ask and pray that the INEC be fair and conduct a full inquiry into this. If this is done, then we shall see who emerges the true winner.

As regards the violence, Moyo Ogunlewe has absolutely no reason to incite violence because he was in the lead right from the beginning of collation. He had won the largest ward I.e oworonshoki much ealier with a margin of 1,206 votes. So much of his camp were comfortable and in jubilatory mode. Results from Ifako were the last to come in at about sunday 3 am into the collation centre due to the irregularities that happened. 

Having got wind of this heavy loss in oworo and low margis wins in other areas, we are sure that Bayo Osinowo and APC faithful thought they could incite violence against the process. 

We have reports that boys were imported from oworo and bariga to come and cause havoc at the collation centre and since the police and army were up to the task they decided to cause mayhem in the neighbourhood (I.e ogudu and ojota communities)killing about three persons during d neighbourhood attack on Ogudu and Ojota.
We Urge the Electoral body to help us out on this issue as soon and fast as possible.
Thank You


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