AWA LION INC Presents — @Toqxeod in #Unkanaiye feat @sonorous via #Teamhpr

Awa Lion Inc presents its frontline act ‘Toqx’ in all new single feat Sonorous track titled ‘Unkan’Aiye’ produced by Lussybeat. A song which takes u on a journey of self reliance and not minding Side talks.
Aftermath of jumping on KONGA’s hit comeback Single ‘Omi Konga’,Toqx delivers this dope piece to appease his teeming fans all over the Continent with this master piece ‘Unkan’Aiye’.
Toqx is un- arguably one of the Best artist the buzzing city of Kwara State (Ilorin) as ever produced ,he is currently topping charts and countdown in the city and its environs and clinched the award as the ‘Best Artist’in ilorin at the just concluded ‘Emperor Awards’in ilorin
Toqx is certain and confidant that UNKAN’AIYE will get his buzzing fans up and gigging again to this Hit
Download and Enjoy…..


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